Naoussa Snails

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Naoussa Snails

On the slopes of mount Vermion, in the land of Naoussa, in a location called “Gastra”  the company “Naoussa Snails” has been set up with its main concern, the breeding and distribution of snails coming from the species Helix Aspersa (Cornu Aspersum), a type known in Greece as the Cretan kochlios.

With passion and professionalism we began the rearing of snails. Driven by the quality and healthy breeding conditions for delicious snails, we have created facilities approved by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, facilities well organized based on advanced technology methods.

The result of all this, is the creation of a two- acre enclosed type of intensive - controlled breeding snail farm, one of the most modern units in Greece today.

In our facilities we have created an extremely healthy, natural environment for snails, providing them with the temperature, humidity and shade for optimal growth and reproduction. In addition to their special diet (a mixture of wheat, corn, soybeans, bran and wheat flour), given as food, as well as constant personal care, we have succeeded in giving "Naoussa’s Snails" a unique taste and an exceptional quality.

 Our love for breakthrough and innovation has been our inspiration, ultimately, coming up with a product of exquisite quality and taste ... "Our Snail"!


                                                  I am inviting you all to browse into the exciting world of breeding snails.



Anthony Trifon

 Agronomist AUTH

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